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Proudly made in Canada canada

CAB Printers

A+ series - for industrial demands

Professional industrial cab label printers are used in a wide variety of applications
Their development is first and formost focused on simple and convenient operation coupled with high reliability. Printing units and housings are made of high-quality materials and are perfectly matched in terms of shape and function. Extensive peripherals and software enable customized solutions – at any time.

Regardless of whether the A+ printer is operated as a stand-alone solution, a PC application or in a network, it is always up to the mark. The high-speed processor ensures both fast job processing and immediate label output.


Wide graphic display: White backlight for optimum readability.

Ribbon holder: Three-part tightening axles enable a quick and easy exchange of ribbons.

Simple adjustement: The print head is pressed down by two toggles. One is mounted to the left label margin, the other is pushed to the right label margin.

Peripheral connection: Add-on modules are easy to connect. All peripheral devices are plugged in the printer using two pins and are fixed in place with a screw.

Solid metal housing: Die-cast aluminum. All components are mounted on it.

Roll holder: Available for core diameters starting 38 mm (76 mm adapters for improved label winding are provided). The spring-mounted margin stop ensures constant tension during feeding, thus ensuring high printing accuracy.

Internal rewinder: The rewinder with a three-part tightening axles ensures easy rewinding and removing of labels or liners with or without paper core.

Peel-off function: The label is removed from its liner via peel-off plate. High printing and dispensing accuracy can be achieved via powered rewind assist and pinch rollers.

EOS series - one concept, two sizes

Overview types label printer EOS
The new EOS series combines all functions of a solid label printer with highest ease of operation. The touchscreen LCD display is clearly designed for highest ease of use.

Mobile printing
In production, warehousing or agriculture, wherever labels are required and access to electrical connection is missing. An input voltage of 24 V enables the printer to be power supplied with any powerful rechargeable battery.

CAB offers a battery pack optimized for EOS as an option. The EOS battery pack 2 allows the printing of more than 500 labels per charge for a label size of 100 x 68 mm at colour coverage of 15%. With battery pack 4 the capacity is doubled.


Touchscreen - LCD display: Clearly designed for highest ease of use.

USB interfaces: 2 USB interfaces on the operation panel, 1 USB interface on the back for memory stick, service key, WLAN, bluetooth, keyboard and scanner.

Roll holder: The label roll is inserted and centered automatically when closing the cover.

Ribbon retainer: The stop is adjustable to the foil width.

Gap or reflective sensor: The sensor position is adjustable by the red knob via a spindle. The set position is displayed with a LED.

Label guide: The guides are adjusted to the material width with the green knob.

Printhead 203 or 300 dpi: The printhead can be easily removed manually for cleaning or replacement.

Drive roller: It can be removed for cleaning or replacement without tools. As small labels may cause friction between printhead and print roller it is recommended to use in this case narrow print rollers with a width of 25, respectively 50 mm ensuring a better print image and extending the life of the printhead.

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